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Baby blue

4 x 4

acrylic, charcoal, and resin on cradled birch panel

emily brown

$ 65


Emily Brown

It all began with a passion for pencil drawing and pen and ink. From there, Emily Brown has grown into a celebrated artist using her love for texture and layering to create beautiful pieces of art. She combines bold strokes of color with the starkness of innocent lines and untouched spaces to tell a unique story through her work. After earning a BFA at Mississippi State University, Emily started her career as a graphic designer in Memphis, Tennessee, while also launching her own line of handmade paper products. In 2010, Emily moved to Charleston and turned her full attention to painting. Her art is ever changing and evolving. She often creates several pieces at a time, shifting them from her easel as inspiration strikes until their transformation is complete and they are ready for you to enjoy.

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